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New Clients

Your family is our first priority.  We want to know your concerns so that we can place you or your child with the best therapist. 


  • Children (newborn - 18 years of age): complete the HIPAA compliant medical history form for children birth to 21 

  • Adults - (18 years and up): complete the HIPAA compliant medical history form for Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

**ALL returning clients please complete the updated medical history

and insurance form**

SECOND STEP: Please read and sign the clinic policies and guidelines. The documents are submitted directly to the office through our encrypted office email.

THIRD STEP:  Insurance companies require an order for evaluation and/or treatment from a medical primary care provider.  The Administrative Coordinator sends the order to the primary care provider when we receive your documents so that we can schedule as soon as possible. 


FOURTH STEP: Contact your insurance company to find out benefits and if we are in network with your plan.

FIFTH STEP: The Administrative Coordinator will contact you to schedule once we receive this paperwork. 


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