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Tongue Thrust

Tongue Thrust

As many as 70% of children experience some form of tongue thrust in their lifetime. Tongue thrust, also known as reverse swallow, happens when the tongue moves forward and pushes against the teeth when swallowing. After enough swallows, your child's teeth can get pushed out of alignment and cause malocclusion and craniofacial dysfunction.

We evaluate the swallow and develop a unique plan of care to inhibit tongue thrusting by getting to the root of the problem.
Many times tongue thrusting is due to airway issues, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, occluded nasal cavity, etc.

We work closely with orthodontists, dentists, ENT, and allergists throughout the Twin Cities to ensure that you are swallowing correctly and maintaining adequate oral resting posture with your tongue and lips.

Call us at 763-595-0812 or email to schedule an appointment if you notice a forward tongue posture at rest, while eating or speaking.

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