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Sensory Processing Skills

Sensory Processing Skills

Our therapists at MPTC can improve how well your child uses information coming from the senses (like touch or sound). Have you noticed that your child needs help in this area?

The first step is to bring your child in so we can complete our assessment. Just knowing what is going on and finding out what can be done are often big, positive steps.

Once we find out what challenges with the senses your child is having, we will tailor a careful, expert treatment plan. This approach will help your child improve as much as possible the processing of information coming from their environment. Our senses include:

1) Tactile (touch)

2) Visual (sight)

3) Auditory (sound)

4) Proprioceptive (positioning the body and joints)

5) Vestibular (sensing movement and gravity)

6) Olfactory (smell)

7) Interoception (sensations from inside our body)

If your child is frustrated or having problems with any of the senses, we can help. Call us at (763) 595-0812. Or here’s our email address:

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