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Language Disorders

Language Disorders

Receptive language disorder: your child is having difficulty understanding what they are being told or processing other written/verbal input.

Expressive language disorder: your child is having difficulty saying what they want to say in order to get their point or meaning across.

We can help with both. Studies have shown that as much as 5% of children have expressive and/or receptive language problems before they reach the first grade. This is not a phase your child is going through, but it is very treatable.

Wondering if your child is just a little behind his / her peers due to lack of exposure during the pandemic? We can assess and give you guidance with a home program or weekly services.

In order to have the most effective treatment possible, it is important to diagnose and treat these language disorders as soon as possible. If you find your child is having difficulty expressing or understanding, make an appointment today at our Plymouth, MN location. Call 763-595-0812 or email us at to learn more ways we can help your family live your best life.

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