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Habit Elimination

Habit Elimination

Thumb sucking, finger sucking, biting nails, eating shirts, oh my. So many noxious habits that are hard to break on your own. Don't worry! We have speech pathologists / orofacial myologists that are expertly trained to help your child learn new habits and stop sucking their thumbs or fingers.

Our program uses tools, puppets, behavior therapy, and lots of encouragement from your very own coach that will guide you for 30 consecutive days while forming new habits.

It works! Our success is 100%. We find out if your family is ready for this intensive program, is your child ready to give up his finger/thumb and lovey? Are you ready to turn over control and have someone else guide your family through this process? If the answer is yes you should call us today! If the answer is no, that is ok. We can talk and find out more about the barriers you are having right now and problem solve ways to get your ready.

We are trained to help young children break habits that can cause oral problems later in life. No matter what age, breaking any habit is often hard. We will help you and your child transition to healthy oral habits.

Call us at 763-595-0812 or email to make an appointment today.

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