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Infant Feeding and Lactation Consultation

Infant Feeding and Lactation Consultation

A baby that is not feeding well can quickly turn into a new mom's nightmare. Our team of SLP's and one PT also have additional training in lactation so they can assess exactly what is going on with mother's and their babies when there are challenges nursing, bottle feeding or transitioning to solids.

We help 5-20 babies each week with feeding difficulties. Our team works closely with mothers and babies making sure we look at cranial nerve function, muscle function, oral motor skills, feeding skills, breathing and movement patterns. We understand how stressful it is to have difficulties nursing, bottle feeding or transitioning to solids.

Red flags that would require an immediate assessment with a speech pathologist or physical therapist for infant feeding development:
long breast feeding times over 45 minutes
baby popping on/off the breast
confirmed or suspected tongue or lip tie
milk spilling out of mouth
clicking while nursing or bottle feeding
waking up frequently or not sleeping well
breast damage
difficulty transitioning to table foods
weight gain difficulties
feeds best on one breast or in one position
noticeable head preference

We try to get your baby onto our schedule within a few days to one week of calling the clinic.
We partner with you and your pediatrician, IBCLC / CLC, dentist, chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, OT, PT, SLP, GI, or ENT to give your baby the best opportunity for effective feeding. SLP's and PT's are medical professionals who can bill therapy services through your insurance carrier which limits your out of pocket costs.

Contact us today at (763) 595-0812 to schedule an appointment in Plymouth, MN or Shoreview, MN if your baby is having difficulty with nursing, bottle feeding or transitioning to solids.

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