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Sometimes the mouth, lips and tongue do not properly control food or liquid while swallowing. Oral phase dysphagia is when the tongue, lips, jaw, and cheeks are affected while preparing food for the swallow. Pharyngeal dysphagia refers to problems in the throat during swallowing. Dysphagia may lead to aspiration (where food or liquid gets into the lungs).

There are a number of reasons that swallowing problems occur in children. Once we perform an initial assessment on your child, we will develop a custom feeding program that you as parent will be able to follow. You can help your child become a better swallower and a better eater.

Call us today at (763) 595-0812 and schedule an appointment at our Plymouth, MN or Shoreview, MN location. We can help your child develop skills necessary to be an effective, safe feeding at any age.

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