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Gross Motor Therapy

Gross Motor  Therapy

Gross motor delay can be a very worrisome issue for parents, but we can help. It is critical that parents understand the milestones children need to meet and then meet these milestones. For instance:

At 2 months, babies should be able to hold up their head and push when lying on their tummy.

At 4 months, babies should be able to hold their head steady, roll over on their backs and bring hands to their mouth

At 6 months they should be able to sit without support

At 9 months, babies should be able to crawl and sit without support

We also help with gross motor development in older children that experienced injury, stroke, or other brain trauma.

If you do not think your child is meeting their milestones or needs gross motor help, reach out to us today at 763-595-0812 or email Our physical therapists are terrific and are here to help.

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