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Speech Therapy

Improving abilities to communicate with others

clients1Our speech and language therapists at MPTC are here to assist if your child is having difficulty communicating. Have you noticed signs that help is needed?

Every step we take is designed to maximize your child’s potential to communicate well.

We’ll work with your child and everybody who is involved in her or his care. We are ready to team up with your family, your doctor, staff at your child’s school, and others in your community.

We at MPTC are well known for our complete, expert treatment plans; we’ll tailor one for the specific needs of your child. You’ll like the clear, practical goals our speech/language plans offer.

Are you ready now to contact us? Call us at (763) 595-0812. Or here’s our email address: info@minnetonkatherapy.com

We at MPTC provide the following therapy services for speech and language: