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Occupational Therapy

Improving abilities to do daily tasks

clients2Our occupational therapists at MPTC can help if your child is having trouble in the “occupation” or “job” of being a kid. Have you or teachers noticed your child needs help playing or doing basic school or self-care tasks?

When you bring your child in for our diagnostic assessment, you will be relieved to find out what is going on and what can be done.

Once we find out why your child is struggling to do common “kid” tasks, we will tailor a complete, expert treatment plan. You’ll like the clear, reasonable goals our plans offer.

We at MPTC provide the following occupational (the job-of-being-a-kid) therapy services:

We also provide therapy that is focused on:

  • Hand function/fine motor skills that are needed for tasks that use the hands and small movements of the upper body.
  • Motor planning skills that are needed for brain-guided movements of the body.
  • Daily living skills that are needed for grooming, dressing, hygiene, and self-feeding.
  • Visual motor skills that are needed for activities that pair together the use of the eyes and hands.