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Feeding Therapy Programs

fruitImproving your child’s ability to eat and swallow.

Is your child a “picky eater?” Or having problems with eating, chewing, or swallowing? Or having trouble transitioning to the table for mealtime? At MPTC, our feeding therapists can definitely help.

You can rely on us to effectively deal with a broad range of feeding issues. Two of the most common are poor appetite and weight gain. Other issues may be due to limited oral motor skills affecting eating and/or shortcomings in sensory experience. Let us explain these last two.

Oral motor skills. What does it mean to have difficulties in oral motor skills that affect feeding or eating? That means children struggle to be effective in how they move their lips, tongue and jaw when eating and drinking.

These difficulties may make it hard for them to safely and easily chew food, eat from a spoon, or drink liquids. When eating or drinking, they may too often cough or choke.

Sensory experience. What does it mean to have sensory experience difficulties? When children are eating, their senses can cause problems.

your-daily-myplateThese can include how children react to certain textures, tastes, smells, sounds, sights, or temperatures. Or they may limit food intake due to how they respond to the food in front of them. Or they may have difficulty advancing to table foods.

The good news is that whatever food issues your child may be having, we have the exact expertise needed to help your child make real improvements.

The first step is to bring your child in so we can provide our careful assessment. Simply knowing what is going on and finding out what can be done are often big, positive steps.

We will work together with you and your child – your physician and possibly a dietician and a psychologist – to create a step-by-step, practical plan. This approach will ensure that everyone is enjoying mealtime.

Our knowledgeable staff will select from the best of the possible strategies.

Each of our staff is trained, certified, and experienced in providing individualized feeding therapy.

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